How it Works

Whole Blooms stands as your direct link to farm-fresh floral excellence, whether you’re curating unforgettable events or brightening someone’s day in the hospital. With over nine years of experience, we’ve been the go-to source for premium cut flowers for florists, event planners, brides, businesses, and more.

Our network of partner farms spans the globe, meticulously chosen to meet stringent quality and environmental standards. From the Netherlands to South and Central America, as well as across the US, our growers deliver only the finest blooms and greens available.

What sets us apart is our commitment to freshness and variety. By sidestepping traditional floral distribution channels and connecting you directly with growers, we ensure that your flowers arrive fresher and last longer in your vases. By cutting out the middleman, we add 2-5 extra days of floral vitality to your arrangements.

At Whole Blooms, customization is key. We understand that every detail matters, whether it’s the precise cut point, head size, or color shade. Whether you’re orchestrating a high-end event or bringing joy to hospital patients, we cater to your specific preferences, ensuring that each order meets your exacting standards.