About Us

Whole Blooms is a farm-direct flower importer that brings fresh boutique flowers to you for your client's most important events or to cheer or get hope to patients when they are hospitalized. Whole Blooms has sold premium fresh cut flowers to florists, event planners, brides, companies and the trade for over 9 years.

Our partner farms in the Netherlands, South and Central America, the US, and in other global locations meet high quality and environmental standards and were carefully selected to bring you the highest quality flowers and greens available in the market.

Whole Blooms is all about freshness and variety! We ensure fresher flowers and greens than those available in the local market since we bypass brokers in the traditional floral distribution channel. Through Whole Blooms, your order is placed directly with the growers and shipped directly to you. By displacing the traditional wholesaler, we eliminate a week of product storage, as is typical with the local flower market, thus providing you with 2-5 extra days of floral vase life.

Whole Blooms is also about ordering what you want. cut point, head size, color and shade....these are some of the factors we consider when placing your order. We understand these features are important to you as well, whether it be for a couture event, weddings, or for floral shop clients such as hospital patients, or clients from florists who order flowers for everyday celebrations.